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Ethos and Thomas Jefferson University

Ethos is working with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University under a Research Agreement to pursue improved health outcomes for patients using medical marijuana. Check out all of our research studies below.

Current Research Programs


Interested in being a part of future research studies?

Patients will be contacted by the research team if you meet qualifications.

Completed Research

A Failure to Guide: Patient Experiences within a State-Run Medical Marijuana Program in Pennsylvania, US

Can medical marijuana patients navigate their way to relief? Our research shows many are lost and uneducated when it comes to searching for ways to feel better.

  • Medical marijuana isn’t integrated into the larger health care system. Patients have a siloed experience while establishing their ongoing care.
  • Without guidance, many patients struggled to regularly find and receive effective treatment. Oftentimes, this leads to high out-of-pocket costs, lack of self-reliance, and the inability to relieve symptoms.
  • Researchers recommend an increased focus on integrating medical marijuana into the care of patients with qualifying conditions.

Clinician Attitudes, Training, and Beliefs About Medical Marijuana: An Inter-professional Assessment

A full spectrum of clinicians currently care for patients who use medical marijuana, but our study shows that the larger medical community is uneducated about the plant as a therapeutic option.

  • Only 51% of interviewed physicians had completed any formal training on medical marijuana. Most with training saw fewer risks and more benefits to the plant as a medical option. They also report feeling better prepared to discuss its use with patients.
  • All clinicians reported limited options for learning more about how medical marijuana affects patients, and many said they wanted more research and training to help fill these knowledge gaps.

Insomnia is complicated. Medical Marijuana can help.

Your experience with Medical Marijuana can help us help others.

Survey conducted in partnership with Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

Your experience with medical marijuana can help us help others.

Study conducted in partnership with Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

Our Experts

Meet Dr. Brooke Worster – The Associate Professor of Medicine leading the combined research and education efforts of Ethos and Jefferson.

Schedule a Research Introduction

To learn more about our research programs or to enroll, please schedule an introductory meeting or call with Thomas Jefferson Health University’s research coordinator at

Research Study Pre-Enrollment

Do you want to be considered for inclusion in our research programs? Click on the link below to be informed when new research programs begin enrollment. You will be contacted by the Jefferson research team when they are ready to start the program.

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