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Ethos Medical Dispensary - Pittsburgh North at Harmarville, PA

5 Alpha Drive East, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Store Hours

MON-SAT: 10am–8pm
SUN: 10am–6pm

Medical Marijuana Only

Drive-Thru Hours

MON-SAT: 10am–7pm
SUN: 10am–5pm

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Mandy MeskelMandy Meskel
15:43 16 Jun 24
I’ve never had a bad experience yet with this cannabis dispensary. It always had the most warming inviting staff from the time u ring the door til u exit plus it’s very easy to get your order only problem I’ve had is not receiving my 10$ for signing up for the app which I’m sure will be fixed as soon as I address the issue with them but over all organic remedies used to be my go to until ethos Harmarville opened then started a rewards program watch out now hey hey
Alecia LloyedAlecia Lloyed
01:07 13 Jun 24
Staff is friendly and they have good sales. You can earn points off your purchases.
Jae DeFazioJae DeFazio
13:13 12 Jun 24
this place is horrible - first, I placed an order online - when I got to the dispensary, one of the products I ordered was out of stock due to them overselling it, so I had to pick something else. They charged me full price for my 2nd choice instead of charging me for my original purchase. Then, because I didn't have enough cash (because I didn't get my original order), I had to use my debit card. They round up the total to the nearest $5 increment - so if my total was $76, they charge me $80 and on top of that they charge a "service fee" for $3.25 and turn around and give me $3 in cash. the cherry on top is this - they call their debit card machine a "cashless ATM" which means that I was charge a not-my-bank ATM fee. Ridiculous...
Matthew AndrewsMatthew Andrews
20:18 10 Jun 24
Kelly EvansKelly Evans
12:19 09 Jun 24
Ethos Harmarville is my favorite dispensary. Everyone is so nice and wonderful, especially Cameron. He always makes my day better.
jacki carsonjacki carson
14:57 01 Jun 24
Matthew C.Matthew C.
14:35 24 May 24
Best EVER!
Cayce MellCayce Mell
02:39 12 May 24
I LOVE the staff at Ethos Harmarville - they always go above and beyond to make my visits easy and enjoyable Im so grateful to everyone at Ethos! Xo
Cayce MellCayce Mell
02:39 12 May 24
I LOVE the staff at Ethos Harmarville - they always go above and beyond to make my visits easy and enjoyable Im so grateful to everyone at Ethos! Xo
Susan JonesSusan Jones
11:04 11 May 24
Always friendly and helpful!!Great staff!
Gregory RoushGregory Roush
13:27 08 May 24
Fantastic selection.
Tyler WondersTyler Wonders
13:12 08 May 24
Drive thru is super convenient, amazing prices on flower. Always getting a deal here.
Josh SmithJosh Smith
15:47 06 May 24
John SmithJohn Smith
15:01 06 May 24
Leann BurnsLeann Burns
14:45 05 May 24
Been going here since they opened..great service and great people
Trace “Trea” martzTrace “Trea” martz
17:03 16 Mar 24
Joel RosenbergJoel Rosenberg
16:41 10 Mar 24
This is my fav ethos location
Debra HutchingsDebra Hutchings
23:19 28 Feb 24
The staff has a new wonderful and helpful guy ; Tom is great! Thank you
Justin NeidingerJustin Neidinger
03:37 24 Feb 24
Genevive WareGenevive Ware
00:55 18 Feb 24
truly the best dispensary. always the kindest employees & always so quick!!!
Larissa LynnLarissa Lynn
17:14 17 Feb 24
Ethos is my favorite dispensary and the workers are always the nicest to me when I walk in.
Amanda BeyerlAmanda Beyerl
19:02 12 Jan 24
Marina is the best consultant at ethos. She is very patient explaining the different strains.She never rushes you. She always makes sure you have everything you need. She’s always smiling and is very inviting!!!! I just love when she’s working the window!!!!
Cory HarriganCory Harrigan
19:14 04 Dec 23
Great staff, excellent selection, excellent house brand ( natural selections/ Eleven) , and they consistently have sales. Every experience I've had there has been positive. I appreciate them...had an issue with my order and it really frustrated me- the manager who helped me is absolutely awesome. He took the time to not only deal with my attitude he actually dealt with me in a way that made my attitude go very appreciative!!!
Sai ElizabethSai Elizabeth
19:44 28 Nov 23
Edit 2 (may 2, 2024): I am wondering if it is at all possible to implement some sort of maximum noise policy within the drive thru line? I almost never want to complain, and this was absolutely beyond employee control, but some vehicles do not turn down their music. At 11:45 today, there was a white jeep in the drive thru. For the entire duration that I was there, I was in a state of near panic because there was nonstop thumping, rumbling, vibration, etc from this Jeep's bass. It felt as though I was walking through a carnival; that is how loud the bass was. Being that MANY patients come here for PTSD, autism spectrum disorder, migraines, and other neurological disorders that may be sensitive to sound, I really would like to request that a policy be made or enforced. You guys are doing a great job, I have no complaints about service at all. I just want to be able to not sit in line while in tears, because sound vibrating through my body is messing my nerves up.Edit 1: Still a fantastic dispensary, just want to stay current so folks know that Ethos is consistently great. I also want to say that the employee who was working drive thru today is a Cody Ko doppelganger and that's neat.***The review down below from "Paul Stevenson" is misleading. Ethos CANNOT SEE the inside of packaging. Flower does unfortunately go bad on rare occasions. The dispensary has no control over the quality of products, and it's pretty clear that they move product fast enough that we know it's not sitting around. He was obviously told to contact Vityl because they grew and packaged the plant that was like that, thus they would need to know the identifying lot information to pull any additional products that may still be in circulation at other dispensaries. Remember, just because you're doesn't make your experience indictive of their standards. I've been in the program for over 3 years, and starting going to this location the very week that it first opened. I have NEVER had any issues with flower gone bad, and the companion brands such as Natural Selections and Eleven have been reliably great with some of the best terpene profiles in the game. If you're gonna get angry at this place, you'll hate the other nearby dispensaries so much more. Also? It doesn't matter how much money you spend; it's a dispensary and we've all spent a lot. Don't think that has some kind of persuasive ability, Paul.--This is a great dispensary. Solid selection, great prices, incredible sales. Everything is so clean and aesthetically pleasing. The employees are wonderful, helpful, and so very nice. I particularly like the gentleman with the southern accent, as he makes good conversation.There is usually a wait here, but you don't have to stand outside or anything. The wait is not because of the employees, but because of the state's system. So if you see this before encountering a small wait (usually no more than 5-10 minutes), please remember this information and just enjoy some conversation while you wait.Note: Leave phone locked, in your pocket, or in the car when picking up your order. You can use it to access their site, but phones are a no-no otherwise.
Ethos Pittsburgh North Dispensary

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How To

Before visiting or reserving products at an Ethos dispensary, you must become a certified patient or caregiver under Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program. To become a certified patient or caregiver, you or the patient for which you are providing care must have one of the qualifying serious medical conditions mentioned.

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