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Device Overview: PAX Era Pro

How To Get The Most Out Of Your PAX Era Pro

The Era Pro is one of the most advanced electronic vaping devices on the market, utilizing a proprietary “smart” pod system and advanced features for flavorful and discreet consumption from anywhere. If you own an Era Pro or you’re considering purchasing one, this guide breaks down how it works, its best features, and our tips for a great next session with your favorite cultivar.

How does the Era Pro work?

The Era Pro simplifies your session. When you inhale, the Era Pro automatically turns on, heats, and vaporizes the extract in the pod — no need to even turn it on.

The Era Pro is compatible with proprietary SimpleClick™ Era vape cartridge pods, available in dispensaries in several states, including Ethos locations in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Each “smart” pod contains information about the cultivar, brand, manufacturer, and test results, which you can access via the PAX mobile application or web browser.

The Era Pro can be charged via a USB-C port on the battery of the device. It takes about 45 minutes for the device to recharge from no battery to full battery.

Era Pro features and benefits

The Era Pro offers unique features, including:

On-device temperature adjustment: Adjust between four temperature presets between 520°F and 790°F. You can also take advantage of the temperature
recommendations connected to each pod — more on that below.
Mobile app: For Android users, the PAX Mobile application can be downloaded from the Play Store. Apple users can still access mobile features via a web browser. Connect your Era Pro using Bluetooth® to access a robust selection of features, including:
PodID™: This feature verifies that the pod you purchased is an authentic Pax product. PodID includes brand information, cultivar details, potency information, and state-required medical marijuana testing results.
Dose control: This feature helps regulate consumption by letting you set limits on your consumption. With dose control, you can keep better track of your sessions and use that data to inform future ones.
PodExplore™: Research your next pod purchase from the convenience of your phone. Explore dozens of cultivar varieties and learn more about each.
ExpertTemp™: With ExpertTemp, you can enjoy your Era Pro pod using the temperature suggestions recommended by the brand for that cultivar. If you don’t like the recommended setting, you can further adjust the temperature using the app, and the Era Pro will remember your preferences for future sessions with that pod.
Remote lock: You can lock and unlock your device through the app to prevent your Era Pro from being used by anyone who isn’t you
Low maintenance: Since each pod is self-contained, there is no need to regularly clean your Era Pro beyond wiping the outside with a soft cloth as needed. You may periodically want to ensure the contacts of the battery are clean, but with each new pod, the vapor path will be clear and ready to go.
Long battery life: You can expect up to 250 draws per charge.

How to use your Era Pro

Unlike many other vaporizers, the Era Pro has no on/off function or preheat time, which makes sessions with this device a breeze. However, you still need to insert your pod and set the temperature before your session. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Make sure your Era Pro is charged. Check the battery level by gently shaking your device. The LED lights corresponding with the battery level will light up; if one LED light is solid red, this means your device needs to be charged.
  2. Once charged, insert the Era Pro of your choosing. Simply place the pod into the top of the device. You’ll hear a click when the pod is property inserted, and your device will vibrate once the pod successfully makes contact.
  3. Set your temperature. The Era Pro will default to the ExpertTemp setting, but you can change this temperature setting by pod type for all future sessions and the Era Pro will remember your preference. You can change the temperature in two ways:
    a. On the device: Each “petal” on the LED indicator corresponds to one of the preset temperatures mentioned earlier in this guide. To change the temperature, pop out the pod without fully removing it and gently drop it back down without fully inserting it. This cycles through the four temperatures.
    b. On the app: When adjusting the temperature based on the ExpertTemp feature, the Pax Era Pro temperature can range from 430°F to 790°F.
  4. Enjoy! There’s no button to push — just start your session. When you successfully draw from the pod, the four indicator lights will twinkle in pink and blue.

Shopping for Era Pro pods

Era Pro pods are only sold by licensed retailers and are only manufactured by authorized partners. These pods are authenticated by your PAX Mobile app. The brands, cultivars, and pod options vary depending on where you live or the dispensary you’re visiting. Visit the Ethos website to locate a dispensary near you that carries Era Pro pods.

Notably, Era pods, which are compatible with the PAX Era electronic vaporizing device, will work with the Era Pro. However, they don’t offer PAXSmart or ExpertTemp features.

Ethos’ best tips for the Era Pro

Get the most out of your Era Pro with these three tips:

Connect to the mobile app: The Era Pro is a simple vaporizer that works without any of the advanced features, but accessing all the features in the app or browser creates an enhanced user experience that’s worth the effort.

Always purchase pods from an authorized retailer: Pods are available only via authorized retailers. Always be sure to purchase pods from an authorized dispensary to ensure quality extract and accurate information in the PodID feature and test results.

Lock your device when not in use: Era Pro makes it easy to keep unauthorized people out of your medical marijuana. Even if you don’t anticipate your device falling into the wrong hands, it’s best to lock your device when it is not in use, even if you store it in a secure location.

Get the most out of your Era Pro

The Era Pro combines a highly intuitive tool with technological features that enhance the consumption experience and elevate your preferences. For more information on how to use your Era Pro, check out these helpful resources or speak with an Ethos associate:

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