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Device Overview: PAX 3

How To Get The Most Out Of Your PAX 3

The PAX 3 dual-use vaporizer offers a versatile, convenient, and discreet way to consume; but learning the ins and outs of this device can take a bit of practice. This guide offers a quick rundown of how the PAX 3 works, how to use and maintain your device, and tips from our associates for getting the most
out of each session.

How does the PAX 3 work?

The PAX 3 uses conduction heating to generate vapor. This means that the medical marijuana you place inside your PAX 3 makes direct contact with the heated walls of the chamber, raising the temperature of your flower and generating vapor. Once heated, your breath draws the vapor up a stainless-steel pathway inside the device, where it cools as it travels to the mouthpiece.

PAX 3 features and benefits

This innovative, pocket-sized portable vaporizer brings with it many unique features and benefits, including:

Flower and concentrates: PAX devices are “dual-use,” which means flower or concentrates can be consumed with the same device. The proper accessories for consuming both product types are available in the PAX 3 Complete Kit.
App control: Use the PAX Mobile app to set your ideal temperature. PAX 3 supports temperature ranges from 360°F from 420°F. These temperatures can be adjusted in one degree increments. If you don’t want to use the app, you can cycle through four preset temperatures on the device itself: 360°F, 380°F, 400°F, and 420°F.
Dynamic modes: Through the app, you can launch special modes for your PAX 3 designed to preserve flavor, deliver a more powerful inhalation, produce consistent vapor, or produce less odor.
Discreet and portable: Measuring at just a few inches tall, the PAX 3 can easily stash away in your pocket or bag. Its sleek design is inconspicuous, too, so you can consume more discreetly than you could with other devices or methods.
Auto shut-off: If you forget to turn off your PAX 3, it will shut off on its own after two minutes. This preserves your material and device battery.

What does the PAX 3 come with?

The PAX 3 comes in two varieties: the Device Only Kit and the Complete Kit. The Complete Kit contains all the accessories necessary to consume both flower and concentrates, while the Device Only kit only works with both pre-ground flower and flower you grind at home. If you intend to consume both flower and concentrates, you should consider purchasing the Complete Kit.

You’ll find the following equipment and accessories in the box:

• The Device Only Kit contains a raised mouthpiece and a flat mouthpiece, a charger, an oven lid, and a maintenance kit that includes a brush and pipe cleaners.
• The Complete Kit contains everything from the Device Only kit, plus the addition of the half-pack oven lid for shorter sessions, a concentrate insert, a multi-tool to help load, pack, and clean the PAX 3, and three screens.

How to use your PAX 3

The PAX 3 takes only a few steps to get started, but the process varies depending on whether you’re consuming flower or concentrates. Here’s how you can get started with either material:

How to consume flower with your PAX 3

  1. Grind your medical marijuana or remove the desired amount of pre-ground flower from the package.
  2. Make sure your PAX 3 is charged. To check battery level, gently shake your device and check the four LED light “petals” on the front. Each lit petal indicates 25% charge. If one LED light is solid red, this means your device needs to be charged.
  3. Remove the magnetic lid at the bottom of the PAX 3 to reveal the chamber. Place your medical marijuana inside and replace the lid.
  4. Press down on the mouthpiece to activate your PAX 3. The device will vibrate and the indicator light will turn on. The device will begin to heat to the temperature set on your last session. You can enter “temp set mode” by holding down on the mouthpiece for two seconds, then quick-pressing on the mouthpiece to cycle through the four preset temperatures. Alternatively, open the app and use the controls there to fine-tune your preferred temperature.
  5. Once your temperature is set, wait approximately 20 seconds for your device to heat. It may take slightly longer if you’ve set your device to a higher temperature. The device will vibrate and you’ll see four green indicator lights when the device has reached temperature.
  6. Breathe in through the mouthpiece by taking a gentle “sip.” Like with all inhaled medical marijuana products, wait approximately 15 minutes and see how you feel before inhaling more.See this Instagram video from PAX for more information on vaporizing flower.

How to consume concentrates with your PAX 3

  1. Remove the magnetic lid that covers the PAX 3’s chamber. This will be replaced with the concentrate insert that comes with your device.
  2. Remove the lid on the insert and place your chosen concentrate inside. Use the multi tool that comes with your PAX 3 Complete Kit to help pack the chamber. Remember to only place a small amount of concentrate in the chamber. Once loaded, replace the lid.
  3. Follow steps 4 through 6 above.

Caring for your PAX 3

Your PAX 3 comes with a cleaning brush and pipe cleaners to keep your device in great working shape. You should clean your PAX 3 after a few uses with medical marijuana flower and after every session for concentrates.

To clean your PAX 3, follow these steps:

• Make sure the PAX 3 is off and cool before cleaning. (You may want the concentrate insert to be warm to make it easier to remove sticky residue, but you should never remove material while hot.)
• Remove the mouthpiece and the magnetic lid or concentrate insert, depending on what’s inserted into your device.
• Dip a pipe cleaner into isopropyl alcohol and insert it into the vapor pathway.
• Push the pipe cleaner through to the end. This will push out the metal screen between the vapor pathway and the chamber.
• Move the pipe cleaner back and forth in the vapor pathway until the residue is removed.
• Soak the screen and the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol. Do not submerge the oven lid or the concentrate insert into any liquid.
• For the concentrates insert, dip a cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol and use that to clean the insert. You may need to heat the concentrates insert inside the PAX 3 before cleaning to dislodge stubborn material. You can also use the multi-tool to help clean out residue.
• Allow all parts to dry fully before using the PAX 3 once more.

See this Instagram video from PAX for more cleaning instructions.

Best tips for using your PAX 3

• Don’t overpack it. Crowding your chamber will inhibit proper airflow. Samantha Carlos, Patient Care Associate at Ethos – Allentown, recommends placing only a tiny bit of concentrate, the equivalent of a half-grain of rice, into the concentrate lid.
• Start on lower heat. Our Patient Care Associates at Ethos recommend starting on the second “petal,” or 380°F, and gradually make your way to the highest temperature, 420°F, toward the end of your session.
• Check the color of your flower. A member of our staff, Samantha, said she likes to remind patients that the flower inside the PAX 3 won’t turn to ash in the chamber like it would with traditional combustion methods. Rather, she notes, the flower will turn a dark brown color, more toasty than burnt. If your flower looks brown, it’s time to empty the chamber and add new product.
• Repurpose your vaped flower. There’s still phytocannabinoid content even after your medical marijuana has been thoroughly vaped. According to Samantha, you can reserve the vaped flower and repurpose it to make infused oils for topical application.

Get the most out of your PAX 3

With the basics fresh in your mind, it’s time to enjoy your next session with the PAX 3! If you have questions on how to use your device or need troubleshooting, you can explore these resources, how-to’s, and tips:

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