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At Jefferson, we are redefining humanly possible by reimagining health, education and discovery to create a fast-track to innovation. We design novel fabrics, develop new products and transform business practices. We elucidate biological pathways, develop new therapies and change healthcare delivery. In all we do, we aim to improve lives by impacting the way we think, live and care for each other.

Ethos is working with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University under a Research Agreement to pursue improved health outcomes for patients using medical marijuana.


Research will be taking place at our clinical research dispensary on Locust Street in Philadelphia.

Current Research Programs

Focus Group: Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University want to learn about individuals’ experiences with obtaining certification for medical marijuana and in the dispensary. They will use this information to identify opportunities to improve the education provided to patients about medical marijuana.

Focus Group Overview

Research Study: Serious illness can cause symptoms that reduce a person’s quality of life. Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University want to find out if medical marijuana is helpful in reducing those symptoms and has an effect on your quality of life.

Research Study Overview

Schedule a Research Introduction

To learn more about our research programs or to enroll, please schedule an introductory meeting or call with Thomas Jefferson Health University’s research coordinator at MMJstudy@Jefferson.edu.

Research Study Pre-Enrollment

Ready to join our research team? Click on the link below to sign-up for one of the research programs that will be running out of our Philadelphia dispensary. You will be contacted by the Jefferson research team when they are ready to start the program.

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