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Try These Devices for Consuming Concentrate Vapor

Does vaporizing concentrates seem intimidating or complicated? It doesn’t have to be! Easy-to-use and cost-effective electronic devices now offer a much easier way to get started with concentrates. With the learning curve lowered, this product type is more within reach for medical marijuana patients than ever before.

How electronic devices work with concentrates

Before portable electronic vaporizers, consuming concentrates required a highly involved process, with multiple pieces of equipment and a series of steps that could be difficult to manage. Today, though, electronic vaporizing devices have streamlined the process with a single device that heats up the concentrate without the hassle.

The first step is to choose an electronic device that works for your consumption goals. There are several types of devices out there, each with their own pros and cons. Here are some simple devices that can help you get started with concentrates without the need for a complicated set-up:

  • Electronic pens, like the Puffco Plus, are slender and highly portable rechargeable devices which can be used with concentrates.
  • Dual-use vaporizers, like the PAX 3, are slightly larger and can switch between flower and concentrates, so you can easily consume both products with the same device.
  • Portable vaporizers, like the Puffco Peak, can also switch between flower and concentrates, but they are not quite as portable and discrete. The trade-off? They are more powerful and offer a wider range of features.

For most electronic devices, it’s as simple as preheating the chamber by pressing a button or selecting a temperature and then placing a small amount of concentrate inside using a tool. Many feature caps or lids that cover the chamber, and once these are placed over the concentrate the device is ready to use.

Be aware that each device will have its own characteristics that can change this process a bit. That’s why it’s always recommended to thoroughly review the device owner’s manual before using it for the first time. That way, you can be sure you’re using your device properly and setting yourself up for success.

Some electronic devices offer sophisticated features, like Bluetooth® connection to a mobile application. These features give deeper insights into the functionality of the device and, in cases like the PAX Era Pro, even the product itself. Others are far simpler, so if all you’re looking for is a straightforward way to consume concentrates, these devices might be for you.

Do all electronic devices work with all types of concentrates?

Not every electronic device is designed to work with every type of concentrate. Broadly speaking, you can consider concentrates, which come in many forms and with many names, to fall into two umbrella categories: oil and wax. Oil tends to be a thinner, more viscous liquid (though it is still quite thick and sticky), while wax tends to come in more solid forms.

Some electronic devices are designed to work with both types of concentrates, while others are not ideal for use with one over another. Some are even designed to be 3-in-1 devices capable of vaporizing oil, wax, and medical marijuana flower. Before you purchase an electronic device, be sure to confirm whether it can work with the type of material you plan on using. If you’re not sure, ask an Ethos associate to guide you in the right direction.

Beyond just oil and wax, though, there are a wide range of different types of concentrates, each with different consistencies and textures. Some devices may be better suited for handling certain varieties of concentrates, so if you have a particular favorite, ask an associate and check product reviews to see which device might be the best.

What type of maintenance do electronic devices require?

All electronic devices have their own specific process, but generally speaking they all must be cleaned after use. Generally, this involves disassembling the main components and using either isopropyl alcohol or warm water to clean them.

Read the manual of your device before attempting to take it apart or clean it. While many rely on the use of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, certain parts could be damaged and require a gentle scrub with warm water instead. To preserve your device and keep it working for the long haul, always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

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Concentrates offer a whole new range of medical marijuana products for patients to try, and some may find them particularly effective. However, concentrates also come with a bit of a learning curve, so it’s helpful to have friendly, experienced people like your Ethos associates by your side when choosing the best product for your needs.

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