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Ethos Cannabis Opens Medical Dispensary in Montgomeryville

Ethos Cannabis
530 Walnut Street, Suite 1160

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Lucas Wentworth
M: 607.220.6332


August 26th, 2020 – Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. – Ethos Cannabis (“Ethos”), a multi-state cannabis company based in Philadelphia, announces their expansion in Pennsylvania with a new medical dispensary in Montgomeryville. The dispensary opened Tuesday.

Ethos is one of the first operational companies in Pennsylvania holding one of eight Clinical Registrant (CR) licenses issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to work in cooperation with one of Pennsylvania’s major medical schools to conduct research related to medical cannabis. Thomas Jefferson University, located in Philadelphia, is one of eight such medical schools which have been certified by the Pennsylvania DOH as an Academic Clinical Research Center (ACRC) to participate in the program. Ethos opened its first dispensary as part of this program earlier this year and will be opening an additional four dispensaries in Pennsylvania under this license over the next six months.

The staff at the new dispensary will collaborate with Jefferson’s research team to pre-screen potential patients for enrollment in the research studies, participate in research conversations, give feedback about what patients in the dispensary are reporting and relay frequently asked questions. Additionally, they will provide Jefferson with product specific information about all cannabis products that each patient enrolled in the study has purchased.

“This is the second of our clinical research dispensaries to open in 2020 and we are excited to extend our research studies beyond our Center City Philadelphia location. The research we are performing in conjunction with Jefferson is so unique in the national landscape and really puts Pennsylvania at the forefront of cannabis leadership”, said Teddy Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Ethos.

David Clapper, Ethos President of Pennsylvania, added, “Research coming out of this program is not only vital to medical professionals and patients in the program, but will also generate much needed data for public health professionals seeking to understand the impacts of cannabis as it pertains to adult-use markets. We are just beginning to scratch the surface with these studies and look forward to opportunities to include thousands of Pennsylvania participants in the research.”

About Ethos Cannabis:

Ethos Cannabis is a multi-state company with operations and investment interests in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona. Ethos is developing a leading vertically integrated, retail-focused platform in the Mid-Atlantic, East Coast, and Midwest markets of the U.S. This platform serves mainstream consumers while expanding the health and wellness market through relationships with Thomas Jefferson University and other academic medical institutions and strategic partnerships. Ethos is dedicated to helping individuals feel and live better through their experiences with cannabis.

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