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Ethos Cannabis Opens Adult-use Dispensary in Lynn, Massachusetts

Ethos Cannabis
530 Walnut Street, Suite 1160

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Lucas Wentworth
M: 607.220.6332

December 28, 2020 – Lynn, Massachusetts. – Ethos Cannabis (“Ethos”) expands its footprint in the Massachusetts market with the opening of an adult-use dispensary in Lynn. The dispensary, located at 193 Oxford Street, will be open seven days a week to service Massachusetts residents over the age of 21 starting on Saturday, December 26.

The opening of the Lynn location follows the July opening of Ethos’ dispensary in Watertown, which now services both medical and adult-use customers, and the October opening of their cultivation center and adult-use dispensary in Fitchburg.

Ethos has just introduced a wide assortment of high-quality cannabis flower grown in the cultivation center in Fitchburg. The dispensaries also carry products from well-known brands like Happy Valley, Incredibles, and ACS. The current menu showcases multiple strains of flower that cover a wide range of profiles.

“We are excited to open our 3rd facility in Massachusetts and continue to expand our footprint to serve more customers in the Boston area. We have received great reviews on our first two dispensaries and are happy to be able to continue to provide our welcoming, informative, and comfortable experience to many more cannabis consumers in Massachusetts” said Teddy Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Ethos and the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of PharmaCann.

Alex Hardy, Ethos’ President of Massachusetts, added, “The Lynn location complements our other geographic locations by extending our reach to customers North of Boston. We put a significant amount of time and effort to restore an old building that had fallen into disrepair. Our dispensary features some of the original charm of the exposed brick and tile entryway and combines it with more modern features including a lofted ceiling and natural light shining through our South-facing windows.”

About Ethos Cannabis:

Ethos Cannabis is a multi-state company with operations and investment interests in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, and Arizona. Ethos is developing a leading vertically integrated, retail-focused platform in the Mid-Atlantic, East Coast, and Midwest markets of the U.S. This platform serves mainstream consumers while expanding the health and wellness market through relationships with Thomas Jefferson University and other academic medical institutions and strategic partnerships. Ethos is dedicated to helping individuals feel and live better through their experiences with cannabis.

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