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Natural Selections Premium Flower

Our Natural Selections Premium Flower is grown with care in our state of the art cultivation facilities in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Our team brings over 40 years of combined horticulture and cannabis experience with a focus on carefully monitoring and controlling the cultivation environment to allow us to produce the highest quality flower on the market. Our cutting-edge methods produce a variety of colorful and aromatic cannabis strains.

Cultivation experts in our Fitchburg, MA center tend to maturing plants.

Ethos cultivation centers rely on our robust seed bank and genetic pool and will be continuously improving our line-up and bringing new strains to market. Our facilities today house a bank of over 2,600 seeds representing over 60 breeders and over 225 strains.

Our innovative and organic Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) was formed from our combined experience in commercial horticulture and commercial cannabis experience supported by expertise from our staff with educational degrees in Horticulture, Entomology and Plant Pathology. The goal of the organic IPM program is to eliminate pest and pathogen populations while using the least amount of organic pesticides possible. In order to achieve this goal, the team relies on strategies such as exclusion, strict biosecurity measures, sanitation, and Biological Control Agents (BCAs). Typical BCAs include predatory insects that inhabit the crop or root zone but only feed on insects that do harm to plants. With 40+ years of experience of developing and implementing BCA programs across millions of square feet of cultivation space, the Ethos cultivation team is uniquely qualified to utilize these techniques in the most effective manner possible. By introducing predator insects on a weekly basis, the Ethos cultivation team can manage pest populations effectively without the use of unnecessary and excessive insecticide sprays. In growing crops without the use of harmful pesticides, each variety expresses unique characteristics and flavor profiles.

After harvest, all product is slowly dried at low temperatures to best preserve cannabinoids and terpenes, and every flower is hand trimmed and inspected prior to packaging.

Select Natural Selections strains are available at select dispensaries in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Shop your local dispensary for availability.

Popular Natural Selections Strains

Alien Nightmare – Your dreams will be anything but nightmares with this sweet and earthy Indica.

Banana Tree – A Sativa-hybrid that begins more energetically with cerebral effects that will turn you into a social butterfly.

Beach Wedding – An Indica-hybrid that will help transport you to your favorite beach.

Captain Hook Cookies – A newly discovered treasure with deep green and purple undertones that are should to hook you in.

Columbian Sour – This uplifting hybrid is bound to leave you happy and relaxed.

Dosidos – Like the dance move, this Indica-hybrid will bring you back again and again.

Garlic Drip – An Indica-hybrid with aromas of garlic, mushrooms, and hints of sweet citrus peel and lemongrass.

Jellium – This Indica-leaning hybrid will have you feeling relaxed, pain-free, and creative.

Leeroy OG – If there were a cannabis happy hour, this Indica-leaning hybrid would be on special.

M. A. C. Stomper – Stomp out physical and mental tension with this relaxing and body-high hybrid.

Mint Mango – This spicy little fruit bomb has a nice finishing black pepper aroma that will leave you energetic and creative.

Parfait – An evenly balanced hybrid that is the perfect all-day flower.

Pura Vida – Defined as pure life, Pura Vida is a fitting description for this Sativa-hybrid strain that will have you feeling light on your feet.

Purple Heart – This Indica dominant hybrid will have you breathing a sign of relief at the end of a long day, knowing this ultimate relaxation flower will be there to welcome you.

Purple Reign – This Indica-leaning hybrid will make you feel like the ruler of your own castle.

Sex Grenade – This Sativa-leaning hybrid produces an uplifting and creative experience to enjoy with others.

Tahoe OG – This Indica is perfect for long nights spent at home thinking about your next adventure.

Photos from our cultivation facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Select Natural Selections strains are available at select dispensaries in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.
Shop your local dispensary for availability.

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