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Brand: Meigs County Grown

RNTZ l Meigs County l 840mg Cartridges


A delightful hybrid of Gelato and Zkittles crosses. The sweet fruity and creamy flavors will leave you feeling better

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CBD (Cannabidiol) 8.1%
CBD (Cannabidiol)-8.1%

About the brand :
Meigs County Grown

Meigs County isnt just a place on the map where being a good neighbor is part of ones DNA. Its a story. A story of local tradition and earthly pursuits where whats good is what prevailswhat gets passed down. This story lives on at Meigs County Grown with the preservation of a true craft and the famous Meigs Gold. Back in the day this high-potency hidden treasure was grown in the woods and cornfields of Ohio and handed down through generations of small-town Appalachia. That same tried and true Ohio spirit is what we use to cultivate Meigs County Grown product today bridging the modern era of medical marijuana with its storied beginnings and carrying on a tradition of authentic humans getting their hands in the dirt and putting heart and soul into their craft. Meigs County Grown is true to its roots and Meigs Countys roots are homegrown gold.

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