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Brand: RAW

RAW Classic Black 1 1/4' Rolling Papers

Crafted for an Exceptional Smoking Experience:

RAW Black 1 1/4 Rolling Papers are made with RAW Black Classic Paper offering a premium smoking experience like no other. These papers are pressed ultra-thin with very low porosity resulting in a slow burn that allows the full flavor of your herbs to shine through. The thinness of the paper ensures that more herb and less paper is burnt enhancing your smoking pleasure.

Uncompromising Quality:

RAW Black Classic Hemp Papers are unrefined and free from additives bleach and chlorine. Each sheet is watermarked for even burning guaranteeing a smooth and consistent smoke when you light up.

Effortless Rolling:

Compatible with RAW 79mm Rolling Machines these papers make rolling your perfect smoke effortless and hassle-free whether youre a seasoned roller or a beginner.


Each pack of RAW Black 1 1/4 Rolling Papers contains 50 sheets ensuring you have an ample supply for your smoking sessions. For those looking to stock up each box includes 24 packs providing plenty of papers to keep you rolling.

Usage Tip:

After sealing the joint or cigarette use a pen or similar object to pack the smoking material down at the open end. This will help ensure a smooth and even burn when you light up.

Experience the unparalleled smoking pleasure with RAW Black 1 1/4 Rolling Papers. Elevate your smoking ritual and indulge in the pure essence of your herbs. Order now and take your smoking experience to the next level

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About the brand :

The Natural Way To RollSince day 1 RAW has been on a mission to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. RAW revolutionized the smoking world by creating products that are naturally ingeniously designed to enhance the smoking experience.RAW only makes high-quality & earth-friendly products that improve your smoking experience and we refuse to ever change what we stand for. We enjoy smoking our unrefined paper every day and we will always keep it pure and RAW for both you and us

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