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Brand: Boveda

Boveda 62% Humidity Pack Square

Boveda humidity packs safely and precisely control the relative humidity in your cannabis packaging by regulating the humidity level present in your pre-roll multi-pack glass jar and even within paper packaging. You can utilize Boveda humidity packs to prevent mold and maximize terpenes Once you properly cure and package your pre-rolls and flower Boveda humidity packs will ensure your flower will be just as fresh as they day you packed it. As the leading wholesale pre-roll packaging company we have the best prices on Boveda packs and you can always save even more money by bundling your Boveda packs with pre-rolled cones or pre-roll multi-packs Our humidity packs come in bulk packaging so there is no need to open or tear the packs - just pack with your pre-rolls and flower and youll be the biggest brand in the dispensary. The Boveda moisture pack perfectly cradles your pre-rolls and flower all while perfectly maintaining the moisture levels

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