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Brand: Ancient Roots

Ancient Roots | 10mg Live Rosin Capsules | Castaway X Wilson


Ancient Roots | 10mg Live Rosin Capsules | Castaway X Wilson

110mg - 10 Pack

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About the brand :
Ancient Roots

At Ancient Roots they compassionately and proudly cultivate their medical marijuana in Wilmington Ohio with mindfulness and adoration for the process & the medical benefits of the cannabis plant.Their focus is quality over quantity. Ancient Roots believes that by cultivating and producing the highest-quality medical marijuana and medical marijuana products they can offer relief and comfort to those patients needing it most.Patient needs from education to product availability to packaging are at the forefront of Ancient Roots. All products are cultivated and produced as naturally as possible and without solvents to ensure patient safety consistent dosage and symptom relief when using our high-terpene medical cannabis.Their plants are tended to by hand resulting in superior craft quality and efficiency making Ancient Roots a shelf above the rest. They harvest their hand-crafted medicine in small batches hang dried hand trimmed and hand packed in packaging designed to preserve the quality of their product and embody their apothecary style and vision.Relief Rooted in Compassion.Ancient Roots infuses all products with love and compassion in hopes to restore a quality of life to the patients of Ohio.

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