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What is Pre-Ground Cannabis Flower and How Is It Used?

When you think of cannabis flower, you probably picture manicured buds sold in dispensaries — the kind you bring home and grind up before consuming. In many dispensaries, though, you’ll also find ground flower that doesn’t need to be prepared. 

For some, this raises questions as to why anyone would choose ground flower over whole buds, which offer greater potency and flavors. But ground flower offers distinct advantages that make it useful for certain types of consumers and specific use cases. Could ground cannabis flower be the right choice for you? Read on to learn more.

What is pre-ground flower?

Pre-ground flower is cannabis flower that’s finely milled and ready for use in a vaporizer or other consumption device. Ground flower is commonly used in pre-rolls (where available) or simply sold in packaging of its own. You may see it referred to as “shake” or by a branded name, depending on the dispensary you visit.

Advantages of pre-ground flower

Ground flower is sometimes regarded as lower quality because the loose “shake” is what falls from the plant during processing. And, indeed, ground flower is often slightly less potent and flavorful as fresher whole buds. However, ground flower has several key advantages that can help you prepare and consume cannabis more easily and readily. Here are three major reasons you might prefer to purchase pre-ground cannabis flower over whole buds.

  1. Pre-ground flower eliminates the need for grinding

Some consumers, especially medical patients, may have difficulty grinding cannabis due to joint pain or other symptoms that make it difficult to grind. The process requires breaking up whole buds, placing them in a grinder, and repeatedly twisting it back and forth, which can be hard for arthritic hands or similar conditions. If this applies to you, then ground flower offers a great alternative to whole buds. 

Additionally, some consumers simply tire of the repetitive need to grind up buds. You might prefer to take ground flower from the container as you need it instead of grinding before each session, making cannabis more convenient. 

  1. It makes cooking with cannabis easier

Pre-ground flower speeds up prep time when cooking with cannabis. All infused cannabis foods begin by decarboxylating flower. Also called “decarbing,” this process uses heat to activate the phytocannabinoids in cannabis flower. Decarbing converts THC and other cannabinoids from their acidic forms to their active forms, and it’s why edibles and other non-inhalable cannabis products have an effect when eaten or swallowed. If you opt to decarb at home, this process involves spreading ground flower on a baking sheet or using a small infuser device and then baking it at low temperatures for long periods.

If you’re using whole buds, you will need to grind them all before decarbing, which takes a lot of time and effort. Ground flower enables you to circumvent this part of the process and get straight to decarbing your flower, which is especially important if you plan on cooking or baking a lot of infused products.

  1. You can save money

Pre-ground cannabis flower often costs less than whole buds. If your preferred route of administration is inhaling through a vaporizer or other device, or you’re looking for budget-friendly options overall, pre-ground cannabis can offer a great way to enjoy cannabis without breaking the bank.

How to roll a joint with pre-ground flower

One of the most popular ways to consume pre ground flower is to roll it up. If you’re new to rolling joints, our quick guide shows you how to roll a joint in four quick steps.

  • Step 1: Assemble your joint rolling “kit.” You’ll need rolling papers, a filter, a rolling tray, and your pre-ground flower.
  • Step 2: Fill it up. Evenly place your pre-ground flower in the center of the paper. At this stage, place your filter at one end, too.
  • Step 3: Start to roll. Move the paper back and forth between your fingers until the flower is lined up nice and neat. Make sure the glued edge is exposed.
  • Step 4: Seal and enjoy! Dampen the glued edge and roll your joint shut. Close the edge with a twist, and enjoy responsibly!

Is pre-ground flower right for you?

The decision between whole buds and ground flower ultimately depends upon your needs and preferences. For some consumers, ground flower offers an easier and more cost-effective way to consume. Whether you are looking for a way to save money or reduce time spent grinding up whole buds, ground flower might be just the ticket.

At Ethos, we offer a variety of products for consumers of every persuasion. Visit one of our dispensaries today to learn more about the wide range of product types available and which might be best for your needs.

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