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Pride at Ethos: LGBTQ+ Staff Stories & Spotlights

Ethos has Pride year round – not just during the month of June. Our team is full of LGBTQ+ community members, supporters, and allies – and they work incredibly hard to make sure everyone feels welcome at their local Ethos. Read their inspiring stories of community, acceptance, and love below!

Todd Murdock: LGBTA+ People As “Superheroes”

After becoming a caregiver for his partner, Todd was introduced to the impact of medical cannabis. Inspired, he pursued a career serving patients from all walks of life, including the Philly LGBTQ+ community that he’s incredibly involved with.

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Amanda Mikos: Wearing Pride on Her Sleeve

Amanda wears her Pride on her sleeve every day – literally. Her Pride-centric tattoo is her way of showing queer people and patients that they’re welcome, both inside and outside of Ethos. Knowing the heightened mental health challenges the LGBTQ+ community face, it’s her mission to make sure they know that cannabis can help.

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Derek Croissette: Community By Birth and By Choice

When Derek found out he had HIV after graduating college, cannabis took on a whole new role in his life. But a new way to manage his symptoms wasn’t the only thing cannabis gave him – he also found a community that supported him.

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Maria Ortiz: An Unlikely Journey to Cannabis

Having grown up in a very religious, anti-drug household in Colombia, Maria never would have guessed she’d end up working in the cannabis industry. What began as an interesting career opportunity ultimately introduced Maria to the cannabis community, where she felt welcomed as an LGBTQ+ community member as well.

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Patrick Landrum: Finding Confidence Through Cannabis

After coming out, cannabis helped Patrick find a community that supported and accepted him for who he was – but he also found that cannabis helped improve his mental health.

Read Patrick’s Story

Gavin Young: Helping Customers Feel At Home

Cannabis gave Gavin a career he feels welcome in and a community he can feel comfortable with – something that he hasn’t experienced in other industries. He wants to help his patients to feel that acceptance too.

Read Gavin’s Story

Daniel Wing: Sobriety Through Cannabis

Using cannabis as a replacement for other substances, Dan has been sober for over four years. Knowing that the LGBTQ+ community experiences higher rates of substance abuse, Dan shares his story of sobriety to show how cannabis can change lives.

Read Dan’s Story

Shelby Dixon: Supported In All Aspects of Life Through Cannabis

After cannabis helped relived Shelby’s insomnia, she discovered how cannabis can help LGBTQ+ community members especially, inspiring her to pursue a career in the industry helping patients improve their everyday lives.

Read Shelby’s Story

Cultivating A Welcome Environment
for the LGBTQ+ Community

Hear from Hannah, Hank, and Ashley about how and why they work hard to
create a welcoming environment for their Ethos patients and customers.

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