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Pride at Ethos: Fostering Community

Creating a safe space is key to a welcoming community. And for LGBTQIA+ staff at Ethos, that means ensuring everyone knows they will be accepted and respected within the dispensary. We spoke with LGBTQIA+ leaders at Ethos to hear their perspective on what community means to them and their work creating strong, meaningful, and respectful communities.

Derek Croisette: Building Community Through Authenticity and Trust

Derek (he/him/his) believes that being his truest self at work helps patients feel at ease, especially those nervous to enter a new environment. For LGBTQIA+ folks, shared experience can be a source of comfort.

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Hannah Lanoue-Carrizo: Connecting With People To Create Community

Hannah (she/her/hers) wants each customer to know they’re welcome at Ethos precisely as they are. And for her, that inclusivity begins at the top, where open and respectful management can shape all dispensary interactions.

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Amanda Mikos: How Visibility Shapes A Strong Community

Finding community can be tough for an LGBTQIA+ person. Accepting spaces with visibly queer people can make a difference. So for Amanda (she/her/hers), being visible in the dispensary is a role she takes seriously – and with tremendous pride.

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Maria Ortiz: Community Founded in Respect, Honesty, and Openness

It takes hard work to create a supportive community, and for Maria (she/her/hers), that begins with an accepting, open, and respectful staff. Patients notice and appreciate the community her team creates in the dispensary.

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Addressing our customers properly

At Ethos, our staff knows that your name and gender may not match the government-issued ID required to enter the dispensary and buy products. We want to make sure that we address you properly when you visit any Ethos dispensary. Learn more about how you notify Ethos staff about your name and pronouns.

Ethos Cares Pride 2022: Supporting LGBTQIA+ initiatives

In honor of Pride Month, Ethos is partnering with local non-profit organizations, who all have a collective mission to support our local LGBTQIA+ communities and team members.

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