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Older Adults & Cannabis Profiles

Seniors’ Citizens Day, held on August 21st this year, is a great opportunity for the cannabis industry to celebrate older adults who are discovering – or rediscovering – the role cannabis plays in their everyday life. Ethos Cannabis is celebrating by profiling the older adults who come to our dispensaries and to hear what cannabis means to them. 

Learn more about how older adults are using cannabis, or follow the profiles below to hear personal stories from a few of Ethos’ customers.

Illona Harris: “You’ve got to pass on what you know.”

Illona Harris finds cannabis to be the perfect support for her natural-first wellness routine. And, like many other older adults who consume cannabis, the Silver Spring, MD resident’s journey with cannabis has taken many forms over the course of her life.

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Jan Baker: “I never thought I’d be able to buy cannabis in a dispensary”

Jan Baker recalls first trying cannabis in the 1970s when it became popular in her social circle as a teenager. Although Jan said she enjoyed cannabis socially back then, the 65-year-old stopped consuming for years, too busy raising a family to engage with the unregulated black market and the risks associated with it.

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Jerry Carraccio: “[Cannabis] is not necessarily a young person’s thing.”

Jerry was familiar with cannabis in a social and personal context for a long time, however a recent medical diagnosis has made it therapeutic as well. Without Ethos, Jerry said, he wouldn’t be able to learn as much as he has about which cannabis products could be most effective for his goals.

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