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What is Green Wednesday?

Often referred to as the Black Friday of cannabis, Green Wednesday takes place the day before Thanksgiving. Most dispensaries are closed Thanksgiving Day, so Green Wednesday tends to be the day when crowds head to the dispensary before the long holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and with it retail holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that offer shoppers big deals. And though you may already know of traditions like turkey trots and family football games, many cannabis consumers are anticipating a different festivity known as Green Wednesday. But what exactly is Green Wednesday, and why is it suddenly cropping up everywhere? Read on to learn more about this emerging holiday in the cannabis industry.

Why is it called Green Wednesday?

The official term “Green Wednesday” is thought to have been coined by California delivery service Eaze in 2016, after they noticed a significant increase in sales the day before Thanksgiving. Now, dispensaries across the country celebrate by offering specials to customers.

While no day tops 4/20 (April 20th) when it comes to sales, the national cannabis holiday, Green Wednesday has become a close contender. In the past, Green Wednesday sales soared up to 40% higher than a typical Wednesday in November
Green Wednesday numbers continue to rise year after year, and some product types enjoy more of a boost than others. Research from data solution Headset found that edibles were especially popular. Edibles saw a 67% increase in sales in 2021 on Green Wednesday, compared to the three previous Wednesdays. This boost included beverages, which drove an impressive 86% increase in sales.

According to research from the enterprise software company Akerna, retail dispensaries brought in $98.2 million on Green Wednesday in 2021. Similarly, in 2019, loyalty marketing technology company Springbig reported a cumulative $17.4 million in sales on Green Wednesday from its network of 1,500 businesses, which represented an increase of 79.43% from the year prior.

How cannabis normalization boosts Green Wednesday

Cannabis is currently legal for medical or adult use in 38 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C. Millions of Americans can access cannabis. And while 50 years ago just 4% of Americans said they had tried the plant, a 2019 Gallup poll found the percentage of American adults who have consumed it has since risen to 49% –  the highest measured to date. Further, 91% of U.S. adults say that cannabis should be legal for medical or recreational adult use. 

As the number of cannabis consumers grows, it’s likely that this Green Wednesday will be the biggest in sales yet. And as cannabis becomes a more normalized part of society, time spent with family and friends presents opportunities to have conversations about the plant and continue to break down those stigmas. Those planning to pick up cannabis before Thanksgiving may want to check out our guide on talking to your family about cannabis for some tips.

What to expect on Green Wednesday

Many dispensaries offer sales and discounts on products during Green Wednesday to drive consumer spending before Thanksgiving. Some dispensaries offer deals all week long, while others provide unique green holiday offerings. Customers can expect Ethos locations to offer new pricing on a wide range of products.

Celebrate safely with Ethos

Whether you’re a new patient or a long-time consumer, Green Wednesday is the perfect time to shop for products and find great options before the holiday weekend. The best way to take part in any cannabis holiday is by visiting a reputable licensed dispensary to ensure a happy and healthy holiday. Stop by an Ethos location near you to shop our cannabis products or speak with one of our experts to discover the perfect products for this holiday season. 

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