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Edible Dosage Guide: How Much Should I Have?

Choosing the right amount of edible cannabis product to consume is key to a positive experience. Eating or drinking too little may not result in the desired effects, while consuming too much could make for an unpleasant time. This guide will help you better understand how cannabis edibles work and how to determine the right amount to take for your desired experience.  

Not sure how much to take? Consult this edible dosage guide

On a cannabis edible label, you’ll see the total THC content of the package expressed in milligrams (mg). Those milligrams are broken down into smaller, serving-size amounts. For example, a package of 20 gummies labeled 100mg could contain 20 servings of 5mg THC.

Those serving sizes are there for a reason – they’re a good indicator of the amount of THC you can start with. But the “right” amount changes from person to person. Here’s what you need to know about each cannabis edible dose.

  • 2.5mg and under: These very low amounts of THC offer some of the benefits of cannabis for pain management and stress alleviation without causing noticeable intoxication in most folks. They’re also a great option if you want to explore microdosing cannabis. Low dose edibles, which contain 2.5mg THC or less per serving, are becoming more popular and are increasingly available on dispensary shelves.
  • 5mg: This common serving size is often said to be the amount to try if you’re new to edibles. With this amount, you may experience stronger pain relief, as well as improved restful sleep and anti-nausea effects. But be aware: As you increase the amount of THC you consume, you’re more likely to feel the euphoric, relaxing, or appetite-inducing effects of THC.
  • 10mg: For those with higher tolerances to THC, 10mg edibles can be even more effective in managing pain and preventing nausea and vomiting. You may also experience an increased euphoric feeling alongside considerable impairment. It’s best to be mindful when trying this amount, because at 10mg, there’s an increased risk for adverse side effects like increased heart rate and anxiety, especially if you have a low tolerance.
  • More than 10mg: As your tolerance grows or your needs require more THC, edible amounts larger than 10mg are not uncommon. That could be 15mg or 20mg, or it could be quite high, even as much as 100mg. These amounts are more commonplace among extremely high-tolerance consumers and medical cannabis patients managing serious illness or undergoing cancer treatment. Consult with your pharmacist before considering an edible dose larger than 10mg.

While this edible dosage guide offers a baseline reference for typical consumers, it’s important to remember that cannabis experiences are highly individualized. It’s always a good idea to start low and go slow when trying a new product for the first time. 

If you don’t consume ingestibles regularly and want to understand how they affect you, start with a small amount between 1mg and 5mg, depending on your comfort level and your prior experience with cannabis. Wait at least 45 minutes to assess how you feel before incrementally increasing the amount, if needed. 

How do I know which size edible is right for me?

When choosing an edible cannabis product, it’s helpful to know the complete cannabinoid profile of the product rather than just THC content. While edibles manufactured with pure THC may be optimal for those suffering from high chronic pain, products with higher cannabidiol (CBD) content may be better for those looking for anxiety relief, for example. 

It’s also important to know which ingestible product types are available to you and what they’re good for. At Ethos, we offer all kinds of ingestible products, from CBD capsules and RSO syringes to infused sodas and teas, and each works in slightly different ways. An activated cannabis product like RSO may take effect more quickly than slow-to-digest gummies, for example. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert on cannabis products; our dispensary associates and pharmacists are always available to help you determine the best product for your needs.

What to expect at the dispensary

Edibles are generally sold with specific labeling listing total cannabinoid content and suggested serving size. Each state has its own set of regulations governing ingestible cannabis products and their packaging. Here is what you can expect to see at Ethos dispensaries in the following states:

  • Maryland: Ingestible cannabis products sold in Maryland may not contain more than 10mg THC per serving or 100mg THC per package unless otherwise stated by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC)2.
  • Massachusetts: According to Massachusetts state law, adult use cannabis edibles can only have up to 5mg THC per serving1. Consumers may purchase up to 20 servings of edibles in a single transaction, as long as they total no more than 100mg THC. This limit does not apply to medical cannabis patients.
  • Pennsylvania: Only patients registered under the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program can purchase cannabis in the state. As of August 2022, limited ingestibles – capsules and RSO – are available to registered patients.
  • Ohio: Cannabis is only legal for medical use in Ohio. Registered medical cannabis patients there may purchase no more than 9.9 grams of THC content in oil, tincture,

Consuming with care 

At Ethos, we’re here to provide you with access to all of the information necessary to make the right product choices for you. For more information on edible dosage and product recommendations, check out our full website or visit one of our retail locations today

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