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Caviar and Moon Rocks: Yes, These Are Cannabis Products

You may have heard about “caviar,” but this product has nothing to do with fish eggs. You may also have heard about “moon rocks,” which certainly aren’t sourced from outer space. These two unique cannabis products unite cannabis flower and concentrates into a singular, highly potent experience. 

What are caviar and moon rocks?

Moon rocks in packaging.

Caviar and moon rocks are made by dipping or rolling cannabis flower in extracted cannabis oil or resin – adding a potent punch to the cannabinoids already in the flower. This powerful product is especially popular among consumers with a high tolerance to THC, or patients who have symptoms only alleviated by significantly elevated amounts of THC.

Sometimes caviar is additionally rolled in bubble hash or kief to make for an even more potent product, and is often referred to as “moon rocks”. Kief is made up of cannabinoid-rich trichomes that fall from dried cannabis flower, while bubble hash is kief sourced from flower by using ice water. Much of the flower’s phytocannabinoid and terpene content is contained in these microscopic structures, so adding them atop oil-soaked flower creates an ultra-potent experience. 

Why should I try caviar or moon rocks?

Caviar and moon rocks offer the classic experience of flower with the potency of concentrates. It’s an interesting combination for consumers who are looking for an extra kick to a familiar routine. Consumers should consider caviar or moon rocks when they want:

  • To enhance the potency of their flower. The cannabis oil and kief dramatically increase phytocannabinoid content, especially when compared to regular flower.
  • To consume extracts without “dabbing.” Caviar and moon rocks are a simple way to consume concentrates without using a dab rig or an electronic dabbing device.
  • A novel experience. Caviar and moon rocks are novelties, in a way. These products are relatively recent innovations, only emerging in the last few years. 

The main draw, of course, is the elevated potency caviar and moon rocks provide. If you’re interested in a super-high-THC experience, caviar and moon rocks might be for you.

Close up of inside of caviar bud.

How do you consume caviar and moon rocks?

Caviar and moon rocks are inhaled or vaporized in the same way as flower. This is no ordinary flower, though, and you have to take greater care when preparing your caviar or moon rocks for inhalation. Caviar is a bit sticky and tough to work with because of the oil, while the kief can easily come off on your fingers when working with moon rocks.

To prep your caviar or moon rocks, skip the grinder and use a small tool to break apart the pieces. Be sure not to overpack your chosen device, as it will be harder to inhale if the cannabis is packed too tightly. Be sure to break apart your caviar or moon rocks on a rolling tray so as to not waste any product.

Can you make your own caviar or moon rocks?

You can make your own caviar or moon rocks, but it’s a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Not only does it require multiple cannabis products to manufacture, but the product is left to dry for weeks or months, so you won’t get to enjoy it without a lot of patience and proper, carefully controlled conditions at home. To get top quality caviar and moon rocks, your best bet is to purchase ready-made products from the dispensary.

Trying caviar or moon rocks: Start low and go slow

Caviar and moon rocks are unlike any other cannabis product you may have experienced. But just like any other cannabis product you’re trying for the first time, you must start low and go slow. After properly placing the caviar or moon rocks in your chosen device, inhale once, wait for a few minutes, and see how you feel before trying more. You may be surprised by just how potent caviar can be, so be sure to take it a little bit at a time. As with any cannabis product, always consume in a safe environment.

Considering giving caviar or moon rocks a try? Check the menu of your favorite Ethos dispensary to see what’s ready for you to take home and explore.

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