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How To Use A 510 Battery

If you’ve ever bought a cannabis vape cartridge, you may already be familiar with a 510 battery. Also called a vape pen battery or simply a vape pen, a 510 battery is the device you need to vaporize this cannabis concentrate best seller. Learn more about how these devices work and some tips for keeping your battery in top shape.

How does a 510 battery vape pen work?

Rechargeable 510 batteries work by increasing the temperature of a heating element found inside an attached vape cartridge. This heat transforms the cannabis oil into vapor, which is then inhaled through the cartridge’s attached mouthpiece.

510 battery features and benefits

  • Small: Named for their long and slender shape (with some exception — we’ll get into that later), 510 batteries are among the easiest electronic consumption devices to carry with you.
  • Simple: With a single button and no bells and whistles, 510 batteries are among the most straightforward ways to consume cannabis concentrates.
  • Universal: The ubiquity of 510 thread cartridges means that you’re likely to find a compatible cannabis product in nearly any licensed dispensary.

510 battery variations

At its core, each 510 battery functions in a relatively similar way. However, there are variations in features and appearance that can influence your buying decision. Here are some of the features you should look out for as you shop.

  • Button power vs. auto draw: Most 510 batteries get to work when you press its power button. Others work on auto-draw, which automatically heats up your cannabis oil as you inhale.
  • Single temperature vs. variable voltage: The simplest 510 batteries have one temperature setting. Others allow you to cycle through several settings, known as “variable voltage.” These settings don’t always correspond to a certain degree, but are instead classified as low, medium, or high voltage variations.
  • Preheating: Some brands may offer a preheat option that helps with more viscous concentrates. Consult your device’s packaging or manual for more information on this feature.
  • Battery shape: While commonly sold as long, skinny, and pen-like (hence its name), you’ll find other shapes on the market as well. There are many colors, finishes, and shapes to choose from, and you can select the one that most appeals to your tastes. Common shape variants include a square or a rectangle that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Battery size: The larger the battery capacity, the longer it will hold a charge. You may want to look for batteries with higher milliampere/hour (abbreviated at mAh), which indicates the battery’s capacity. You’ll see this figure listed on the box or in the device’s manual.

What about disposable vape pens?

Disposable vape pens work in a similar fashion to 510 batteries: They contain a battery used to heat up cannabis oil. There’s a crucial difference, however: disposable vape pens arrive as one complete unit, with both battery and cannabis oil built into a single device. If you opt for a disposable vape pen, keep in mind that you won’t need to buy a separate cartridge and attach it to the battery. You’ll just recycle the whole unit once it’s depleted.

Two other differences to keep in mind are in operation and battery charging. Many disposable vape pens are auto-draw and do not have a button to hold down. Additionally, they will arrive pre-charged and they do not need to be charged before use. Simply open the disposable vape pen package, and your cannabis is ready to consume.

How to use a 510 battery, step by step

  • Attach the cartridge of your choice. Look for a cartridge with a 510 thread, which is the connector used in nearly all vape cartridges that aren’t part of a proprietary system like the Pax Era Pro. Remove the protective cap or plug from the bottom of the cartridge and attach it to the battery by gently screwing it into the connector until tight. Read the Ethos guide to vape cartridges to learn more about how to buy these products.
  • If you have a variable voltage battery, select your temperature. Follow the directions that came with your device to change the temperature. Typically, this is done by pressing the power button a certain number of times; nearly every 510 battery operates with one button.
  • Inhale. Press the button on your device and inhale. On nearly every 510 battery model, you’ll have to hold down on the power button as you inhale.

How to care for your 510 battery

Caring for your 510 battery is simple. There are no connectors or chambers to clean. All you need to do is store your 510 battery properly in a temperature-regulated area, preferably in a case. If your battery gets dirty, you can wipe it down with a soft cloth. Don’t submerge your vape pen into water or isopropyl alcohol to clean. For further instructions, consult the manual that came with your device.

Ethos tips for getting the most out of your 510 battery

  • Be gentle. These devices can break easily. Even though they’re portable, stashing them into a pocket or bag may mean trouble. Consider carrying your 510 battery in a case to keep it safe.
  • Remove cartridges when you’re done with your session. For all their convenience and portability, vape cartridges have a reputation for breaking and leaking. Avoid a mess — and potentially breaking your 510 battery — by removing your cartridge and replacing its cap or plug when not in use.
  • Charge only from a regulated power supply. Livvie Forbes, recommends recharging your 510 battery with a regulated power supply, such as a USB port on your computer. These power supply sources regulate the voltage that flows to your device, keeping it in better shape for longer and preventing it from burning out.

As you’re learning more about your vape pen, we at Ethos are here to help you out. Speak with a dispensary associate at any of our locations if you have any questions about attaching your cartridge, changing the temperature, or storing your 510 battery when not in use.

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