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April 20th is not just a day to light up (or eat, or dab, or drink) cannabis — it’s a time to uplift community. Cannabis plays a far greater role beyond helping people feel better: Cannabis forms the basis of lasting friendships and drives common cause among people of different backgrounds. 

To acknowledge the vital intersection of cannabis and community, we at Ethos asked our staff to answer a simple prompt: “What does cannabis mean to you?” The inspiring stories shared with us are not only a reminder of how this community is life-changing for so many, but highlighted each person’s unique relationship back to cannabis. Whether cannabis helps you manage a health condition or consume cannabis to enjoy your downtime, there’s no wrong way to connect with cannabis. And we’re here to celebrate that, on 4/20 and every day of the year. Cheers!

Josh Litten: Healing Through Horticulture

Cannabis has touched every aspect of Josh Litten’s life, from a fulfilling career utilizing his horticulture training to putting his Crohn’s disease in remission.

Read Josh’s Story

Shakirah Bey: Cannabis as a Lifelong Common Thread

Shakirah grew up surrounded by plant medicine, an approach that normalized her own need for medical cannabis as she grew older.

Read Shakirah’s Story

Samantha Carlos: A Road to Healing

A sexual assault survivor, Samantha wants others to know that they can find healing and peace through cannabis.

Read Samantha’s Story

Thomas Sobieski: From Vine to Bud

After becoming a medical cannabis patient for chronic pain, Tom puts his extensive sommelier training to work in the cannabis industry.

Read Tom’s Story

Austin Martin: Acing Athletics with Cannabis

A national record holder in deadlift, squats, and bench press, Austin credits cannabis with aiding his recovery after meets.

Read Austin’s Story

Kevin Bradley: Breaking Stigma Through Community 

Kevin credits cannabis for helping him find common ground among friends from all walks of life.

Read Kevin’s Story

Sasha Uzlyaner: Finding Community And Calm

Diagnosed with anxiety, Sasha credits cannabis for helping her break the ice with people who are now counted among her closest friends.

Read Sasha’s Story

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