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Ethos Cannabis Announces Expansion in Massachusetts Market with Company’s First Recreational Dispensary

October 30 – Fitchburg, Massachusetts. – Ethos Cannabis (“Ethos”) announces expansion in the Massachusetts market with the company’s first recreational/adult use dispensary. The dispensary will open at 10am this Saturday, October 31 in the city of Fitchburg. The opening of the Fitchburg location follows the July opening of Ethos’ medical dispensary in Watertown, which operates under the Natural Selections brand name.

The Fitchburg dispensary is co-located with Ethos’ cultivation facility, ensuring customers have fast access to product as soon as it is ready for market. Products won’t sit in a warehouse for days or weeks and won’t travel long distances on trucks that are exposed to extreme hot and
cold temperatures. It also provides customers access to small batches of products and new strains being developed as part of the development process taking place in the cultivation facility. Simply put, customers will see products that won’t be available anywhere else, and Ethos will involve customers in the evaluation and recommendation process by providing feedback directly to the cultivation team.

On a limited basis, Ethos will provide select customers with a behind-the-scenes tour of the cultivation facility. Participants will see plants at various stages of growth, see the care and effort that is put in to maintain optimal growing conditions, and see how Ethos nurtures and harvest plants that eventually become the products that customers purchase in the dispensary.

“The opening of Ethos’ first ever adult-use dispensary in Fitchburg, Massachusetts is very important to us. We put great emphasis on customer service and customer experience. We want to provide a comfortable experience for everyone, regardless of how they want to use cannabis products. Whether they use cannabis for true medical purposes, health and wellness, or for fun and recreation, we want to help people choose how they want to feel. Having a mix of medical and adult-use dispensaries in Massachusetts allows us to share this experience with many more adults. We hope to continue building our momentum in Massachusetts with additional dispensaries slated to open in coming months.”, said Teddy Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Ethos and the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of PharmaCann.

Alex Hardy, Ethos President of Massachusetts, added, “Fitchburg is an important location for Ethos. This is a great location for our cultivation facility, and we are excited to be able to co-locate the dispensary and begin to involve customers in our cultivation and product development processes.”

In an effort to positively impact communities it operates in, Ethos has also committed to making annual donations to local charities, including the Arc of Opportunity in North Central Massachusetts and the Montachusett Opportunity Council. Ethos employees participate in semiannual volunteer outings to support these local organizations.

About Ethos Cannabis:
Ethos Cannabis is a multi-state company with operations and investment interests in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, and Arizona. Ethos is developing a leading vertically integrated, retail-focused platform in the Mid-Atlantic, East Coast, and Midwest markets of the U.S. This platform serves mainstream consumers while expanding the health and wellness market through relationships with Thomas Jefferson University and other academic medical institutions and strategic partnerships. Ethos is dedicated to helping individuals feel and live better through their experiences with cannabis.

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