Halethorpe Dispensary

Our Halethorpe dispensary aims to reflect our community values, and we’re passionate about serving our community with exceptional service and exceptional cannabis products.

At Ethos, we believe that our Three E’s—Expertise, Empowerment and Experience—give our customers actionable knowledge and empower them to incorporate cannabis into their health and wellness regimens safely and sustainably.

Halethorpe History

Founded around 1890, Halethorpe is a relative newcomer given the rich history of Maryland and the greater Baltimore area. But even if it’s a relatively quiet community, its history has been marked by several events of note. In 1910, the town hosted the Halethorpe Air Show, which included the first planned overflight of a city. Responding to an offer by the A.S. Abell Company—owners of The Baltimore Sun—aviator Hubert Latham leapt at the chance to win a $5,000 prize for an aviator who would “give all the people of [Baltimore] an opportunity to witness the most remarkable scientific triumph of the present age.” 

In the ensuing decades, the ground underneath Halethorpe would yield a discovery of note: The fossilized remains of Astrodon johnstoni, a large sauropod that is now enshrined as Maryland’s official state dinosaur.

Ethos Catonsville: Proudly Serving as Your Halethorpe Dispensary

We’re proud of the service we provide the community of Halethorpe and are dedicated to helping educate our patients so they can begin to feel better.

Through our groundbreaking research partnership with Thomas Jefferson University, we give our patients access to truly life-changing medical studies and cutting-edge cannabis research. The idea is to help you understand how cannabis can affect your health, and how to use it safely and wisely for maximum benefit.

We believe that everyone has the right to choose how they feel. Stop by anytime and experience the Ethos difference for yourself.

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