Arbutus Dispensary

Even though Arbutus is an important part of the bustling Baltimore metropolitan area, it’s got a low-key small-town vibe. That’s part of the guiding principal at our Arbutus dispensary: Always giving our community great service and great deals on great cannabis products!

Arbutus History

Arbutus has a long history, stretching back to the days of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. In the days when the “iron horse” represented the cutting edge of technology and transportation infrastructure, Arbutus and the nearby community of Relay were vital junctions on the railroad and the main line which led south to Virginia. Because early telegraph lines often ran on railroad companies’ rights-of-way, Arbutus became a central junction for the first major telegraph system in the nation, completed in 1844.

The Baltimore and Ohio railroad also played an important part in the infrastructure of Arbutus. At the time of its completion in 1835, the Thomas Viaduct was the largest railroad bridge in the United States, and the first such multi-span bridge to be built on a curve. Today, it still winds across the Patapsco River near Arbutus, and it still carries heavy rail traffic some 185 years after it was built!

Ethos Catonsville: Proudly Serving as Your Arbutus Dispensary

You’ll also find that hard-working ethic at our Arbutus dispensary. We’re proud of the great service and great cannabis we provide the residents of this community.  

We also strive to provide the expertise, empowerment, and experience that help our patients incorporate cannabis into their health and wellness regimens in a safe and sustainable way. Our groundbreaking research partnership with Thomas Jefferson University gives our patients access to life-changing medical studies and cutting-edge cannabis research. It’s all designed to help you understand how cannabis can affect your health, and it’s only a small part of what makes Ethos’s Arbutus dispensary such a special place. 

We believe that everyone has the right to choose how they feel. Stop by anytime and experience the Ethos difference for yourself.

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